Being Lost On Greatness: 2014


Friday, 21 November 2014

[Music Review] R2Rick - Stay Tonight

Growing up in a Christian family, i have been exposed to music since i was a baby. The sounds of the musical instruments in church, the lovely voices of the choir & the joyous Christmas carols nurtured my love for the worlds most famous language-music! It was also in church that i learnt to play an array of musical instruments that include the guitar, bongo, drums, tambourine and maracas. Although i enjoy various genres of music, i have only reviewed them verbally to my close friends and family. I never thought of writing a blog review on a piece of music until i was contacted by R2Rick for his song "Stay Tonight" :)

Friday, 7 November 2014

Dream Trip to Macau

The year is 1513. Around the month of May, a Portuguese explorer by the name Jorge Álvares reached the shores of Guangdong (Present day Ou Mun) in Southern China.  A group of fishermen who were out at sea were the first to notice this big expedition of 6 junk ships. They were puzzled by the looks and features of these foreign explorers as this was the first time they had come in contact with Europeans!