Being Lost On Greatness: July 2013


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

~Tempus Fugit~

Many have asked me about my watch :) Since I haven't had any outings this month, I decided to write a short review about my "lifetime battery" Seiko watch...It is actually the most expensive product I bought online to date! :)

Before I dive into the review, let me explain the choice of title of this entry :)

As many of the bloggers would have experienced, the perfect title is important although not necessarily easy to find. I choose this Latin expression meaning "Time flies" because not only it is a frequently used inscription on time pieces (e.g: clocks, watches, sundials, etc.), it also at times implies, "Time Flies when one is having fun". Only when I sat down to write this entry did I realize that more than a year has passed since I bought this watch but it only feels like few weeks ago!