Being Lost On Greatness: January 2015


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Marvelous 4D3N Macau 2015 (#DreamTripComeTrue) - Day 1

Whoa..looks like travelling in 2015 is off to a good start!
The day is finally here! Me, Sueann, Carrine and TT will be leaving to KLIA 2 in while. The excitement is building up. TT has been tasked with preparing the itinerary because he has been to Macau 3 years ago. We met up in Penang last week to have a discussion on the trip. The girls were mostly into shopping while the guys wanted to explore the city by foot as much as possible! Somehow we reached a consensus on a balanced itinerary and we also decided to skip going to Hong Kong (rest assured that trying the food was #1 on each of our must do lists!). We all agreed that HK needs a separate holiday by its own (bye bye Disneyland plans) *sob sob*

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

[TOP 7] Do you know the origins of this Chinese New Year Traditions?

Chinese decoration along China Town in London. Image: Epic Fireworks 
恭喜发财!! (Kung Hei Fat Choy) This 4 Chinese characters which means congratulations and be prosperous is the most used greeting during Chinese New Year. I would highly recommend adding another 4 characters 红包拿来 (Angpow nalai) to it if you are unmarried. It not only rhymes but also elevates the 4 characters into 8 characters which is an auspicious number for the Chinese :) Having lived in Malaysia all my life, i have already experienced 3 complete cycles of the Chinese zodiac (the Chinese astrological calendar). Each zodiac kicks-off with the Chinese New Year Celebration - just like how the western world celebrates New Year every 1st of January.

Just like every festival, there are reasons behind it. Do you know them all? If you don't, i've GOAT you covered!  Let's take a look at the Top 7 Chinese New Year traditions and the stories behind them.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Marvelous 4D3N Macau 2015 (#DreamTripComeTrue) - Pre Trip

The beside image is proof that dreams do come true! All one needs is hard work and a bit of luck :) I was having my lunch when Cindy tagged me in this post by Nuffnang. I was overwhelmed by joy and could already picture myself taking a selfie at the famous Ruins of St. Paul! I quickly called my other half to inform her and she goes, "Wow! I knew you would win dear! So are you bringing me?"

There is only one answer to that and after a few calls and Whatsapp discussion with friends, 2 more decided to join us on this trip.