Being Lost On Greatness: 2017


Monday, 6 March 2017

Wishful Blogging with ShopBack

When you wish upon a star
      Makes no difference who you are
      Anything your heart desires
      Will come to you
If you sang the above lyrics instead of reading them, you are just like me! That is a snippet from my childhood favourite - Disney's "Pinocchio". I grew up watching Disney movies and this iconic song always remind me that it only take a wish for my dreams to come true. You may argue that just by making a wish, nothing comes true but you are missing the point. The fundamental value that I see from this song is that one should never give up hope – and this will eventually motivate you to achieve what your heart desires. Personally, I believe everything has its perfect time – even wishes. 

Speaking about making a wish, this “comeback” blog entry is all about my WishList for 2017. “Errrmmm….isn’t Christmas another 9 months away Melvin?” you may ask. Some of you may even point out it’s too early to hint for my birthday gift. Let me assure you that if my fairy godparents over at the #1 Online Cashback/Rebates site in Malaysia reads this, I may just get my wish granted by 31st March!

Wishes coming true?
Fairy godparents that grants wishes?
Earning while shopping?

If the above 3 lines sound unbelievable, read on and I guarantee you that by the end of this blog you will be a believer!

Let's take a look at the Top 5 items in my wishlist (Yeaps...i just realized i have too many wishes!) lolz!