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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

~Tempus Fugit~

Many have asked me about my watch :) Since I haven't had any outings this month, I decided to write a short review about my "lifetime battery" Seiko watch...It is actually the most expensive product I bought online to date! :)

Before I dive into the review, let me explain the choice of title of this entry :)

As many of the bloggers would have experienced, the perfect title is important although not necessarily easy to find. I choose this Latin expression meaning "Time flies" because not only it is a frequently used inscription on time pieces (e.g: clocks, watches, sundials, etc.), it also at times implies, "Time Flies when one is having fun". Only when I sat down to write this entry did I realize that more than a year has passed since I bought this watch but it only feels like few weeks ago!

I bought this watch as a gift to reward myself for my graduation. I looked through countless shops and websites for a model that suited my needs - elegant looks that can suit work and play, chronograph, alarm and also not battery powered. I came across various brands like Citizen, Casio and Seiko that offered kinetic or solar solutions but most didn’t tick all my needs. I nearly gave up when I saw this model in one of the jewellery outlets....Loved it instantly but there was no discount on this model so I sourced online and by chance came upon this site...It was much cheaper so I ordered in and received it in 2 days time. The service from Nigelohara and website navigation is excellent.
The Casio Solar Chronograph Watch with alarm!

Now let’s get into the important part- THE WATCH. It came in a beautiful while box and the watch was wrapped around a soft small pillow...I must say the first impression from the presentation was very good (it will surely be a nice gift as well).  The watch was supplied with additional links, one instruction manual and one guarantee card. The features of the watch include date/time, stopwatch and alarm. It was easy to get the watch started. You just need to leave it under light for a few minutes and you can see the minute hand come to live. Setting the watch was easy as the manual was very precise with good illustrations.

Shot from another angle of this sexy watch!
The watch needs no battery change and 5 hours of sunlight is enough to power the watch for 6 months!! The operational temperature of the watch is -10 to 60 degrees and it surely withstood the English winter which can go below -10! Don’t worry about overcharging the watch as it also comes with an anti-overcharging mechanism that protects the battery.

The alarm functions quite cool! This is the first time I owned an analogue watch with  an alarm function and I’m impressed! The sound is decent and you will surely be able to hear it if it’s on your wrist! However, I found an additional function that can be used! I used the alarm “clock” as a second clock. I had set it to show the Malaysian time when I was back in Newcastle, UK(In standard operation, if the alarm is not set, it will follow the time of the main clock). This can be done when setting the time (all settings are clearly detailed in the manual...so don’t worry :) )

The chronograph runs at 1/5 increments with split time within 60 minutes. I had no problems using the function. The glow in the dark hands was not up to my expectation... It only glows for 2-3 minutes after the light are turned off...It is difficult to see the time when you wake up suddenly at night...lolz!

Overall, i am very satisfied with this purchase and will recommend this watch to any potential buyers. If you are looking for a solar powered watch with chronograph functions, single alarm and below £150 (RM730)....look no further! You have found the watch you have been looking for!

Liked: The lightweight feel on the wrist, alarm function, elegant look & anti-overcharging mechanism
Disliked: The glow in the dark hands

Btw, I recently did a Google search and found out that for this year that have released new double-colored models! Looks really cool! See below for the 3 latest designs and the specifications :)
**The newer models are currently retailing at £217 (RM1050) !! I must have purchased mine at the right time :)
To end this blog entry, it find it suiting to leave you with the below quote:
"They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself"
-Andy Warhol-

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